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The Basement Kitchen
The kitchen is the hub 'belowstairs' with a winecellar and a coolroom on each side.

The kitchen table, spice cupboard, chopping block and hutch dresser were made out of New Zealand Kauri and Rimu by Jim Mills. My wee piece of home:)

Jemma and I made the flowers sitting on the spice cupboard. Some of the food on the kitchen table were swaps and Jemma and I made the rest. Its baking day - apple and berry pies are being prepared alongside a partially iced cake .

Copper pots burnished to a warm glow sit above the stove made by Philip Brown. On the hutch dresser sits a collection of blue and white china, a painted breadboard and a wee bunch of garlic nestled in a kauri bowl.

A tiny mouse hides from Smudge the kitten.

I have always wanted a kitchen dresser fill of blue and white china, this is the beginning of my mini collection!

Its baking day....

The Coolroom
The coolroom is fully bricked with a flagstone floor. Baskets of Potatoes, onions, cauli's, fruit, carrots and baby peas are stored here. Earthenware containers nestle in the far corner.

Bluey stands guard in his cage, ready to cheep if Smudge the kitten comes sneaking in to 'steal' a sausage:)

Molly the cook is looking forward to having a stone sink installed. And shelves for her pickles and jams.

Close-up of the produce stored in the Coolroom

The Winecellar
The wine cellar is fully bricked and also has a flagstone floor, it is currently virtually empty. Miss Amabel is planning to install new wine racks so she can unbox her vintage wines, but first the fretwork iron door has to be fitted:)