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Welcome INSIDE my dollhouse

Well here it is. Finally finished with all the lights working, wallpapers and colours chosen, floors laid, firesplaces installed.

The wallpaper was almost a disaster as the drawing room wallpaper failed to arrive from overseas in time so we ended up visiting a local store seeking 'eggshell blue marble' wallpaper suitable for a very fussy miniaturist!! Thankfully we found a perfect paper and another one 'to die for' ideal for Miss Amabel's bedroom as well!!

 Happy mini-ing!!

Rear View - Top to Toe

Here is the dollhouse from the back. There are not a lot of rooms for a dollhouse this size as I wanted large rooms which would display my treasures without appearing 'cramped'.

The basement contains the central kitchen with a bricked winecellar and coolroom on either side. Next comes the Crimson Dining Room (named by Jemma) and the Oriental Study. The Oriental Study is the only masculine room in the dollhouse and is in memory of my dad. The Blue Drawing Room, decorated in blue and gold, occupies the entire next floor. Above that is Miss Amabel's bedroom decorated in creamy wallpaper with gold trims similiar in style to the drawing room but more feminine and less ornate. Off the bedroom is her boudoir decorated in blue and white toile paper. And at the top of the dh is the second bedroom which features the three oriel windows.

MiLady's Boudoir
The boudoir is off Miss Amabel's bedroom and features dainty blue and white toile paper. Very feminine!! With a desk for private correspondence, a sewing table, comfy sofa and chairs this room is Miss Amabel's favourite retreat.

Lady Amabel's Bedroom
Miss Amabel's room is decorated with antique creamy marble wallpaper, gold trims and a cream and gold corner fireplace. The wallpaper was chosen to complement the beautiful princess bed dressed by June.

The Blue Drawing Room
The Blue Drawing Room occupies the entire 2nd floor. It is huge and will eventually hold a musical soiree. It is 28" long by 16" deep and is decorated in pale eggshell blue marble and gold. It has matching twin fireplaces and chandeliers with crystal droplets embellished by Jemma and I.

The Oriental Study
The Oriental Study was created as a result of stumbling across the gorgeous oriental desk and bookcase. The turquoise and silver toile wallpaper looks stunning with the black lacquer furniture. The wee bonsai was made by Kathy Hendricks in honour of my grandad. A chess game is in progress within easy reach of a comfy chair.

Crimson Dining Room

The Crimson Dining room was named by my daughter Jemma, as it is her favourite room:)


Bebe's Nursery
Another bedroom occupies the entire attic floor and has three gorgeous oriel windows. I recently 'adopted' a wee bebe from Carol Griffith who will be Miss Amabel's god-daughter. This is Bebe's bedroom and as Miss Amabel collects dolls, teddys and dollhouses, I am sure she will love visiting her godmother:) Bebe's bed was also dressed by June.