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We started building La Maison de Reves on 2 October 2001 and the finishing touches were completed on 6 April 2002.

La Maison de Reves means house of dreams, and that is what this dollhouse means to me. It is the culmination of my dreams and desires and allows me to create a formal environment which would not be suitable in my 'real life'.

Princess's beds, stunning handmade wooden floors, gilt furniture and handpainted furniture. They dont really go hand in hand with grubby faces and playstation consoles:)

So this way I get to have the best of both worlds - and that makes it PERFECT!!

I would like to thank everyone on SS and About Miniatures who supported, encouraged and offered solutions or suggestions for mini problems:) Special thanks to smallstuffers Dani, Kathy, Kim, June for the pearls of wisdom, photos and friendship.

Front View
All windows and doors were hand made especially for the dollhouse. The oriel windows were the trickiest but turned out great!! I wanted the balcony to be metal but was unable to 'create' one which would span 28 inches. I eventually settled for a lasercut balustrading but have not permanently attached it as I would prefer a wrought iron effect. The roof is a very dark grey to simulate slate. We settled on a caramel colour with dark mahogany stained windows for the dh. It took three people all day to create the sandstone appearance but was well worth it. It is deliberately shades of creamy caramel colours to simulate real sandstone.

This is one of my favorite pics
This picture shows some of the ornate detailing of the front facade. Also the steps leading up to the front doors. Either side of the doors are teeny tiny gold and crystal doorpulls which match the front door handles which are also crystal and gold.
Each 'sandstone slab' was individually handcut to create the elaborate stairway wall. I have urns which will eventually sit on each of the pillars leading up the stairs. As you can see so far I have completed 2, only 4 to go!!
The dollhouse sits on a shallow plinth which has castors underneath so I can move it easily. The plinth also houses the fuse box and transformer for the dollhouse. Fantastic!!

Close Up
Here is a close up picture showing one of the handmade windows made by Philip. I wanted windows which would not dominate the front facade, but that would be large enough to allow me to enjoy looking through into the rooms inside. I wanted french doors, oriel windows, curved windows, corner stones ...the lot!!

Breakfront Windows
This is a sideview of the dollshouse. I particularly wanted breakfront windows to break the straight lines, especially as we had decided not to embellish the sides of the dollshouse. So the windows were kept simple with the attention going to the breakfront and the sandstone blocks on the corners of the dollshouse. Simple but effective don't you think. The front of the house is plain sandstone, but the breakfronts are sandstone bricks.