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The Wintergarden

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One day while sitting around having a cuppa with Philip and his lovely wife Betsy I mentioned that I 'NEEDED' another dollshouse as 'de Reves' was just not big enough to accommodate my growing collection of flowers:))

I showed Philip a picture I found on the internet of an interesting facade and, like Topsy, the Wintergarden grew from there.

Hidden high up in the cupola are carved angels, with more detailing on the internal walls. Soaring corithian pillars, a gorgeous cupola, dramatic portico, french doors EVERYWHERE -this is not your usual conservatory styled summerhouse:)) it gave me the perfect excuse to create even MORE plants and flowers, something that is very appropriate as in real-life I have NO green thumbs at all!

While The Wintergarden is still very much a work in progress I thought you might like a peek:))


Side View

Simply Gorgeous....

....Matching Alcoves!!

Here are some Interior photos taken while looking down from the Cupola

View from the Cupola

The Fountain

Looking through the front doors