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Smaller Scales

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Welcome to my Smaller Scale projects:))

I recently discovered quarter scale minis - they are sooooo cute!! I have been having a lot of fun with this scale and am really pleased with my finished projects so far.

mini hugs


The Garden Shed

This is my first quarter scale project. It is a garden shed kit by Braxton Payne. I really enjoyed creating the garden once my fingers had adapted to the tiny scale:))

Inside the garden shed. I am planning to fill it with seedlings on the bench, a rubbish bin, gardening tools, lawn mower, broken bike...all the usual clutter found in a well used garden shed.

A view of the overgrown garden visable through the shed door.  My daughter Jemma loves the overgrown, weatherbeaten look so I created this garden with her in mind.

The Garden Balcony

This is another kit by Braxton Payne. It has a balcony garden on one half and a small room on the other.  I finished the garden balcony and am planning a christmas scene visable through the french doors.....


The well clipped topiary trees, lavender plants and lush lawns are more my idea of a perfect garden:)) 

Painted Lady

This is also by Braxton Payne. I brought it ages ago on ebay and only recently 'rediscovered' it:)) It looks lovely as a Painted Lady with creeping vines and lush flower gardens.

Potting Tray

I really enjoyed making this potting tray. It is just soooo cute:))